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The Fantastic Four to begin production in Louisiana this September


Studios are always looking for the most cost-effective locations to film their projects which is why Canadian cities has often been a cheaper alternative to stand in for major American cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. In an effort to lure more productions to their states, many offer incentives and tax breaks to producers. Louisiana is one such state.

Despite recent efforts to lessen the incentives, the bill has failed and those breaks are still in place. The Wrap is reporting that one such production that is taking advantage of this will be Josh Trank's THE FANTASTIC FOUR, which was slated to film in Vancouver.

More interesting is that the article also claims that Trank will begin production on THE FANTASTIC FOUR this September. Production does not necessarily mean filming, but it does mean that we will likely be hearing news regarding casting and sooner rather than later. Will we learn that Michael B. Jordan is the new Human Torch? Is Allison Williams the new Sue Storm? Time will tell.

THE FANTASTIC FOUR has always been centralized in New York City, so it is odd that the entire production is moving to Louisiana, a location that has never been used for filming a Marvel film. Will local cities serve as a stand-in for NYC or will THE FANTASTIC FOUR shoot in the city at some point?

THE FANTASTIC FOUR is scheduled to open on March 6, 2015.

Source: The Wrap



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