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The Fault in Our Stars Josh Boone to write and direct The Stand


So here we are, still trying to make THE STAND happen. Stop trying to make THE STAND happen! Itís not going to happen.

Actually, for now, it still is. Since Scott Cooper dropped out due to creative differences Warner Bros. and CBS Films have been on the hunt for a writer/director. Now here we are in February, and it looks like theyíve found someone to fit the bill.

Though it has yet to come out, director of THE FAULT IN OUR STARS Josh Boone will take over the project. Sources say Boone is close to closing the deal.

Stephen Kingís rather epic novel was first made into a mini-series in 1994 starring Gary Sinise and Molly Ringwald. A big screen adaptation has been tossed about for many years now. In 2011 talks started to get serious when David Yates was heading the project up then after much back and forth, it was passed on to director Ben Affleck. The last filmmaker to have their prints on it was Cooper.

Iím not sure how things will work out for this in the end. I feel like the studio has one vision that they are sort of ridged on then a new guy comes in and the visions donít compare. Now, I donít personally know this but thatís kind of my guess at this point.

If not Boone, who would you like to see direct?

Source: The Wrap



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