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The final Despicable Me poster will melt your heart


Posters have been lacking lately. There's a lot of terrible photoshopped heads floating around in some scenery that's even more photoshopped.

When it comes to posters for animated films, I'm rarely let down. Even though it is nice to see something different every once in awhile. Sometimes Pixar will release some super cool alternate posters after a film has come out. I look for the same qualifications in a poster that I do in a comic book cover. Note that I also want my variants!

I couldn't help but be immediately charmed when I saw this final poster for DESPICABLE ME. The seemingly despicable Gru (Steve Carell) holding the hand of the little girl, while the other looks sweetly over his shoulder. Then to top it off they're surrounded by these yellow guys with goofy smiles. Set adorable ray to stun.

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite poster for an animated film?
Source: JoBlo



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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