The FINAL Destination?

New Line tried, and failed, to get a FINAL DESTINATION movie in 3-D with the third installment but they're not content on giving up. The studio has signed DESTINATION vet David R. Ellis (he directed Part 2) to direct FINAL DESTINATION 4, which will be shot in 3-D. DESTINATION 3 was originally supposed to be shot in 3-D (and subsequently titled FINAL DESTINATION 3-D) but the process proved too expensive at the time and New Line scrapped the plans. Now that 3-D technology has become more mainstream, the studio revisited those plans and brought back the guy, in Ellis, who directed the best of the DESTINATION bunch. No plot details have been revealed but what do you really need to know? A bunch of teens cheat death and then get systematically killed in a variety of creative and gruesome ways. In 3-D. It's unclear whether this is a project New Line plans to greenlight during the strike or if it's earmarked as a post-strike film. Ellis has another horror film, ASYLUM, wrapped and ready for release in 2008.

Extra Tidbit: Ellis was also the guy who directed SNAKES ON A PLANE, which also would've been cool in 3-D.



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