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The final poster for Green Lantern plus a banner look at the Corps


We've seen a number of character posters for GREEN LANTERN featuring Tomar-Re, Sinestro and Kilowog but today we have the final poster for the film featuring all of the above plus a bonus banner that gives us our first expanded look at the Green Lantern Corps.

GREEN LANTERN is not my specific area of nerd expertise but using UGO's handy-dandy guide, I can tell you we're looking at Boodikka, Lin Canar, Ngila Grnt, Stel, Abin Sur, Penelops, R'amey Holl and G'hu in addition to the faces we're already familiar with from their own posters.

This is maybe the geekiest I've seen a studio get in promoting their superhero film and frankly it's a little refreshing when some superhero movies are running from their inherent nerddom (*cough*THOR*cough*). Take a look at both posters below and you can click through to see them in hi-res at the Pimpin' Poster Palace.

Source: Yahoo! MoviesMTV



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