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The first Django Unchained footage/trailer premieres tomorrow!


Knowing that the DJANGO UNCHAINED teaser will be shown in front of PROMETHEUS is like knowing your steak dinner comes with a side of lobster for free. Knowing that it will premiere online tomorrow is finding out the waitress wrote her phone number on your bill.

Entertainment Tonight will premiere new footage from DJANGO UNCHAINED tomorrow and have included our first fleeting glimpses at the characters in action. Check it out.

Man, if that doesn't make you just want to count the minutes until the trailer premieres online, I don't know what would (well, maybe the same footage without the awful voice-over).

Jamie Foxx's Buckwheat hairdo looks awesome, Christoph Waltz looks like a great quiet loner type, and Leonardo DiCaprio looks like the Hans Landa equivalent in this film. He chews every single word perfectly. I love what I see so far.

Tune back tomorrow for the full trailer. DJANGO UNCHAINED opens in theaters on Christmas Day.

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