The first look at Upside Down with Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess has arrived

Dealing with love in an alternate universe? Maybe this movie will be something to relate with.

Thanks to a little French film site called Into the Screen, we have our first look at UPSIDE DOWN starring Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess. Okay, so it's a relationship that crosses dimensions, but is there anymore info? Here's a rough Google translation of the articles text:

"Upside Down is a film produced by a French box, Studio 37, where the filming took place in Montreal, before the cameras of the Argentine director Juan Solanas. The cast is composed of international actors: Kirsten Dunst & Jim Sturgess. As for the story, she falls into a world where different worlds meet. Adam lives in one of these worlds, struggling within a civilization ravaged by war and haunted by memories of a young woman from another world, very close, so close, but denied entry. .. Filming is now complete, but we will have to wait a year post-production before discovering Upside Down on the big screen in 2012."

Extra Tidbit: I've heard good things from ALL GOOD THINGS, anyone get a chance to see it?
Source: Into the Screenio9



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