The first poster for Doctor Strange teases his introduction into the MCU

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On the precipice of seeing the first trailer for DOCTOR STRANGE as it premieres tonight on JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE!, Marvel Studios has pulled back the curtain on the first poster for the Sorcerer Supreme's introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe later this year. It should be rather familiar to fans of Doctor Strange comics. 

The design is simple. Benedict Cumberbatch with his back to us, standing in the Sanctum Sanctorum - a Greenwich Village townhouse that is a central hub for supernatural energy. He's gazing out the Window of Worlds with the Seal of Vishanti clearly in view, protecting his location from evil spirits and enemies. 

If you're unfamiliar with Doctor Strange, then the Marvel logo should be enough to catch your eye and lure you in, curious to know exactly who or what is going to be a part of the larger MCU next. And, if Stephen Strange is a familiar character to you, then this one sheet should speak volumes about what Marvel and director Scott Derrickson are doing in bringing Doctor Strange books to life. 

DOCTOR STRANGE enters theaters on November 4, 2016.

doctor strange, benedict cumberbatch, stephen strange, sorcerer supreme, marvel studios, marvel cinematic universe, doctor strange poster

Source: Marvel Studios



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