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The first trailer for Underworld: Awakening at least has a naked Kate Beckinsale


I checked out of the UNDERWORLD franchise somewhere about 15 minutes into the first film so forgive me if I'm not exactly up-to-date on the goings-on in the apparently continuing battle between vampires and lycans. I see Kate Beckinsale has returned, perhaps eager to turn the UNDERWORLD franchise into her own personal RESIDENT EVIL (hey, if Milla can do it, why can't Kate?).

Beckinsale's return is explained early on in the trailer as she wakes up (naked, I might add) after being cryogenically frozen for the past 12 years. She's not much of a morning person (don't come between Selene and her first cup of coffee...) and immediately sets off to...go...do something. She's screaming about Michael so I'm guessing she's looking for Michael. Also there are humans and the vampires are pissed and shouting "LYYYYCAAANS!!!"

The trailer, which will be in theaters this weekend with FRIGHT NIGHT, is available for your perusal below...

Source: JoBlo.com



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