The Fountain DVD!!

Seems like Darren Aronofsky's THE FOUNTAIN was the one film that many schmoes dug like hell, but neither the box-office, the film critics or even the Oscars recognized in any significant way (of course, it was nominated for 9 Golden Schmoe awards!) But that won't stop us from touting the film until...well, it's DVD release date which has now been announced via Mr. Aronofsky's MySpace blog by the man himself (gotta love MySpace!) as May 15th. The auteur, who's been pretty active on his blogs of late (he recently visited the Carnival in Rio...nice!), went on to say, "It has a bunch of great stuff on it including a doc of the making of it all by my friend Niko. So stand by. More shit to come." and even cleared up some of the ratings confusion, "To be clear, there is no pre-pg-13 cut. The cut that was in the cinema was MY FINAL CUT. I made all the decisions on it (with my team of course) but creatively it was the filmmaker's vision. This is the same cut you will all see on DVD and the HD-DVD. What happened is this: originally we were given an R rating. I went back to the MPAA and with a little negotiating the film got a PG-13 rating. This was the rating I had always wanted for the film and so I made an effort to get it. But the film was in no way creatively effected. So to be clear, there was NO studio pressure it was purely my choice to try to get a PG-13 rating. Many teenagers were writing asking for me to help them out. So what you saw in the cinema and what you will see at home is the DIRECTOR'S FINAL CUT." Read more of Darren's thoughts HERE and scribble May 15 down on your calendar as the day that you purchase this DVD...as well as plenty of weed!! Thanks to 'Jordan' for the head's up.

Extra Tidbit: Darren Aronofsky recently had a young son with actress Rachel Weisz whom they named Henry Chance.
Source: MySpace



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