The Fury gets remade

Brian de Palma's psychic thriller THE FURY was a fave of mine back in the early days of home video (oh, that glorious explosive ending!), but upon revisiting it recently, it definitely showed its 30-year age. So maybe a remake's not such a bad idea...

Fox thought so, too -- they've got hot screenwriters Brian McGreevy and Lee Shipman working on the obligatory "contemporary re-imagining" of the 1978 flick based on John Farris' novel.

The original movie, sort of a horror spy flick, featured Amy Irving as a powerful telekinetic who unwittingly finds herself enmeshed in a shady operation seeking to control psychics. Kirk Douglas, Andrew Stevens, Charles Durning and the great John Cassavetes also starred.

Unsurprisingly, the update will change the lead character to a "young man with heightened kinetic powers who is abducted by the government in order to take advantage of his special gifts" (which could throw a wrench into the gears of that SCANNERS remake). Fine, but how will they beat de Palma's ending?
Extra Tidbit: Original co-star Andrew Stevens has since gone on to a prolific (if mostly direct-to-vid) producing career.
Source: Variety



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