The Future erased?

Terminator It took a while but the filmmakers behind TERMINATOR SALVATION: THE FUTURE BEGINS, the McG directed, post-apocalyptic fourth installment of the TERMINATOR franchise, have apparently realized that the aforementioned title is not only unnecessarily wordy but generally…stupid. According to Comingsoon.net, the film's title has reverted back to UNTITLED McG TERMINATOR SEQUEL or UNTITLED CHRISTIAN BALE JUST A TAD BIT MORE THAN A CAMEO AS JOHN CONNOR TO SAY HE STARS IN IT PROJECT or UNTITLED TERMINATOR SEQUEL NOT STARRING ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER. In short, the film's now untitled. As mentioned, the film tells the story of a post-apocalyptic Earth in which a war rages between the villanous, robotic Skynet and us humans, lead theoretically by John Connor (played by Christian Bale), though we'll apparently be seeing a hell of a lot more of Sam Worthington, who plays a guy named Marcus who probably does some Skynet effing with.

Extra Tidbit: Screenwriters' John D. Brancato and Michael Ferris also wrote PRIMEVAL and, um, CATWOMAN.
Source: Comingsoon.net



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