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The Game- Criterion Edition

13 years agoby:

The Criterion Collection of DVDs is an odd one.  They range from CHASING AMY and SILENCE OF THE LAMBS to CARL TH. DREYER - MY METIER and TESTAMENT OF ORPHEUS. Very odd selections...but this time I have to give them some major credit. They're taking David Fincher's most under-appreciated film this side of ALIEN 3 and giving it the special treatment.  That's right, get ready for THE GAME - CRITERION COLLECTION.  The disc will reportedly be released on April 25 in all of its 2-disc glory.  According to the disc will include, "interviews, trailers, never before seen footage, a psychology test, an isolated score with commentary by Howard Shore, director's commentary, plus much more. We can also expect to hear a DTS soundtrack in addition to the obligatory Dolby Digital track."  Sounds pretty freakin sweet.  If only they can stick to that April release date...

PS: Is today David Fincher day on Not intentionally, no, but it sure seems that way....

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