The Gate remake?

It's a good thing they made plenty of movies in the 1980s -- that means there are still a few left to be remade!

We're hearing that a remake of the suburban horror cheapie THE GATE is the latest to get a modern facelift. Word is that Randall William Cook will direct the update, and he's certainly qualified for monster mayhem -- he's an Oscar-winning FX guru who worked on KING KONG and the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy... not to mention the original THE GATE and its sequel. The plan is reportedly to shoot the new version in all-the-rage 3-D. No mention yet on a writer or studio, but considering Cook's WETA background, could Peter Jackson's involvement be far behind?

The original fashion-dated flick (a fun little gem with a decent premise and lots of stop-motion creatures) starred a young Stephen Dorff, who discovers that a portal to hell has manifested in his backyard thanks to an unlikely combination of celestial alignment, deceased family dog, fallen tree, weird friend and heavy metal lyrics. The rift unleashes all manner of chaos, mostly in the form of mischievous little demon minions. You can taste a nostalgic sample RIGHT HERE.

Big thanks to 'pixel grunt' for providing the scoop!
Extra Tidbit: THE GATE and its sequel were directed by Tibor Takacs, who went on to a made-for-cable career that includes KRAKEN: TENTACLES OF THE DEEP, MEGA SNAKE and (of course) MANSQUITO.
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