The Good Night poster

You just knew Gwyneth Paltrow’s kid brother Jake was going to make a name for himself sooner or later. When your father is Bruce Paltrow and your mother is Blythe Danner there ain’t no way you’re not amounting to anything. He’s directed the upcoming film THE GOOD NIGHT, because he didn’t have a choice, it’s in his genes.

We’ve got a look at the poster for the film, which is about a former pop star (Martin Freeman) who meets the girl of his dreams, in his dreams. His desire to be with her leads him on a quest to master the art of lucid dreaming, with the help of a guru played by Danny DeVito. Jake’s sister Gwyneth plays Freeman’s real life girlfriend. The dream girl is played by Penelope Cruz, who along with her role in VANILLA SKY is making a habit out of playing lucid dreamgirls. Penelope Cruz as the girl of someone’s dreams? That’s f*cking crazy! I’ll take Joy Behar any day. Check out the poster BELOW and the see THE GOOD NIGHT on October 5th in NY and LA.

Extra Tidbit: Jake Paltrow cut his teeth directing episodes of NYPD BLUE.
Source: Yari Film Group



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