The Hangover for kids! Fox buys Premature Maturation

Fox recently bought a new comedy film pitch and it's not a remake or reboot!

However, it's not terribly creative. The pitch given by writing duo, Sam Pitman and Adam Cole-Kelly for a film called, PREMATURE MATURATION. It's described as BIG meets THE HANGOVER. The story is about a group of middle school kids who transform into adults and crazy shenanigans ensue!

It's likely that Pitman and Cole-Kelly will write the script. The project is obviously in the very early stages so there is no director or cast attached yet.

The writing partners sold another pitch last November to Paramount for an R-rated comedy called THE MISADVENTURES OF FLUFFY. The film is being produced by Eddie Murphy and is about a road trip through New York featuring talking animals. It's an, “element of social comedy reminiscent of the 1980’s film TRADING PLACES.” Okay...

I'll be mildly interested when they start casting for this premature HANGOVER. Right now, I'm just wondering where are the better ideas are. Another cash cow that that will definitely make money and a potential franchise.

Extra Tidbit: After I saw BIG, I immediately wanted a giant set of piano keys. I still haven't gotten them.
Source: /Film



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