The Hobbit finally greenlit at last!

Yes, it's been a saga worthy of its OWN movie, but the battle to get THE HOBBIT moving again has finally been won. At least for the moment. The film has officially been greenlit, and will start filming this February according to The Wrap.

In the agreement completed this week, Jackson's deal was finalized and MGM and Warner Brothers agreed to give the project its long-awaited greenlight. The greenlight means that millions of global fans for the revered J.R.R. Tolkien property can look forward to a prequel to ‘The Lord of the Rings,’ which was one of the most successful movie franchises in movie history.

Jackson was already on board to write and produce "The Hobbit." But because of financial turmoil at MGM, which owns half of the franchise together with Warners' New Line Cinema, the project became one of the most torturous in Hollywood history.

Apparently $30 million has already been spent on the project in its earlier days, but hopefully some of that can be carried over to the retry. This could be cause for celebration, but I have to remain skeptical that the film could once again hit roadblocks at some point in the future with its checkered production past.

Extra Tidbit: Now find yourselves a Bilbo!
Source: TheWrap



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