The Host prequel?

Calling the recent Korean flick THE HOST a masterpiece of a monster movie might be considered an overstatement by some, but let's just say CLOVERFIELD definitely has its work cut out for itself.

A follow-up to director Bong Joon-ho's brilliant creature feature/oddball family drama has been mentioned over the past few months, though it'll be made without the man himself (although he's supposedly involved with the American remake). Originally it was thought to be a simple sequel, but now comes word that it'll take place before the GWOEMUL rampages along the Han River.

The new movie is being written by Korean comic artist Kang Full, will be set three years before THE HOST, involves the excavation of an ancient waterway called the Cheonggye Stream, and will feature multiple beasts. No director or cast has been announced, but the producers are planning a theatrical release for the film, set to seek Asian cuisine some time in 2009.
Extra Tidbit: A company called The Orphanage was one of the FX teams on THE HOST. They're currently at work on IRON MAN, THE SPIRIT and John Woo's RED CLIFF.
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