The Hulk strays...

There's been a whole mess of controversy lately on how far Ang Lee is straying from the source material while filming THE HULK.  There's been all kinds of talk that Bruce Banner wasn't zapped by gamma rays but actually had the "Hulk gene" passed down from his father David Banner (Nick Nolte).  And talk of Hulk Dogs and other sorts of nonsense that couldn't possibly be true.  It couldn't.   Could it?...Along comes this report, courtesy of AICN, from someone who managed to snag a production schedule.  Granted, all this information could be bullshit, but it does seem to add up with things we've heard so far.  Some of the things they claim they saw are [SPOILER ALERT!] that David Banner is actually The Absorbing Man, there are different Hulk animals like dogs and rats, and a flashback to a baby Bruce Banner showing the first signs of Hulk-dom when his father kills his mother.  Very, very weird stuff and I'm not really sure what the hell is going on over there.  I hate to doubt the man who brought us CROUCHING TIGER and THE ICE STORM but jeez...this REALLY doesn't look good.  Head over to AICN to read the entire story and decide for yourself how you want to handle this.  (Ironic that this very news could be the gamma ray that could turn your average comic book reader into a Hulk...)

My crappy try at a teaser poster...

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