The Invaders will be invading Captain America

After literally years of silence surrounding the CAPTAIN AMERICA movie, all of a sudden it's like a damn information gold rush on the project, with casting rumors flying and plot details leaking all in the past few weeks.

This latest bit of info comes from director Joe Johnston himself when he confirmed to CHUD that The Invaders will in fact be a very major part of the CAPTAIN AMERICA movie and actually said, “They’ll be in the entire second half” and the team will be at least six members strong.


Oh sorry, that’s just my X-MEN 3 alarm, which goes off any time too many costumed heroes approach the same movie. The Invaders team consists of heroes like Namor, Bucky, Silver Scorpion, Union Jack and The Human Torch. No, not that one, but it might as well be.

Also confirmed is Red Skull as the film's villain, which I think is great, but in an “introduction” movie like this, I see no need to match the Cap’n up with an entire team of costumed heroes, especially when this project is meant to be setting him up as the leader an entirely different and more releveant squad, THE AVENGERS. I don’t know, I just think this is going to get crowded real quickly, and the film could end up being as much of a clusterf*ck as that comic book cover above. Your thoughts?

Extra Tidbit: So are the finalists really that guy from Chuck and Chad Michael Murray? I'm still pulling for Cam Gigandet.
Source: CHUD



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