The Japanese trailer for Men in Black III is here to "meh" you

The Japanese are attacking us...with trailers!  Which is totally cool.  No worries.  After the splendid trailer from abroad for THE AVENGERS, we now have one for MEN IN BLACK III, which gives a few extra glimpes of footage, but nothing game changing like THE AVENGERS.  But, then again, what exactly would be a game changer for MEN IN BLACK III?

Take a look:

Meh.  I know some of you are looking forward to this and I can respect that.  It doesn't look terrible and Josh Brolin seems like he may well own the role of K, but it really just looks way too much like the other MEN IN BLACK films, which are entertaining enough, but just not memorable enough for me to ever want to see them a second time.  For me, watching MEN IN BLACK is the equivalent of one of the agents holding up the dildo light and erasing my memory after seeing it.

The script dilemma for this film doesn't inspire a lot of confidence, but I will say that regardless of that big hiccup, the film still looks like a solid and consistent entry in the series, so fans of the series should be able to rest easy there.

MEN IN BLACK III takes you back in time and fights weird monsters and says shit like "shiznit" while berating the alien Andy Warhol on May 25, 2012. 

Oh...almost forgot...Alice Eve:

Extra Tidbit: Barry Sonnenfeld...where the hell have you been, man?
Source: Sony Pictures



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