The JoBlo Movie Show: St-Patty's Day edition!! (2009)

Despite the fact that our beloved JOBLO MOVIE SHOW is currently "on hiatus", we figured that it wouldn't hurt to re-post last year's St-Patrick's Day episode, since...well, it rocked! It was actually one of my personal favorites as well. And if you didn't catch it last year, hey...it's new to you! Bugh. Surprisingly, not everything in the show is dated, in fact, most of it still plays pretty well today including our JoBlo.com "drunk staff" video montage, the Arrow's ode to horror sluts (you'll have to watch the show to see the connection to St-Patty's), my own dissection of the very awesome Irish mob flick STATE OF GRACE, Jenny's top Irish hunks, our first attempt at a viral video and much more! For past episodes of the JOBLO MOVIE SHOW, check out the show's official site. And happy St-Patrick's Day, folks...don't drink too much!! (I kid, I kid)

BTW, this video features clips that are NSFW, so watcher beware!

Extra Tidbit: The show also includes a clip of Chuck Norris drinking beer and being demeaning to women. Aaaaaaaw.



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