The JoBlo video intro!

We've got a ton of cool movie shit brewin' up at the JoBlo.com headquarters including a new VIDEO section for the entire site, featuring the latest and greatest in online movie content for your eyes only (well okay, maybe not just your eyes, but it's great stuff nonetheless). As I'm sure you've noticed, we are preparing more and more of our content in "video form" these days and hope to continue that trend into the San Diego Comic Con later this week, and ze New Year.

Today we present the new JOBLO.com video intro, which was created by Face3Media -- the same folks who are behind the forthcoming JOBLO comic book (trust me, it might sound lame, but it's a bunch of fun as well) -- and yours truly. Anyone who can send me the same audio from this clip but with the "Ay oh, let's go, Ay oh, let's go!" replaced by "Ay oh, let's go, Ay oh, JoBlo!" will be the recipient of a brand spankin' new DVD of your choice. You can also see the intro before all videos on the site (last two: HERE and HERE) and stay tuned for cool new intros for ARROWintheHEAD.com videos and MOVIEHOTTIES.com videos as well. "Mommy, mommy...we want video too!!" "Shut up and eat your cereal, Audrey. Barbara, your brat's at it again!!"


Extra Tidbit: The JoBlo comic book will be sub-titled "JoBlo: The Crime Fightin', Ass-Kickin', Movie Lovin'...Film Critic".
Source: JoBlo.com



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