The Joker acts

By now we've all been treated to several glimpses of Heath Ledger as the Joker in THE DARK KNIGHT. We've heard what he sounds like and have even seen some video. But now we've got a description from someone who was an extra while they were filming and London, and things sound good:

As regards to how Heath Ledger *seemed* as the Joker, he seemed like he WAS the Joker, and didn't need to let anyone know it - rather contained, but ready to explode at any moment in an unexpected fashion. Menacing, but more because he seemed like he was probably crazy, and maybe violent, rather than that he was TRYING to scare you. (and by the way, all he did during the scenes I was in was sit in his holding cell, reacting and listening...so, he's a very fine actor if I imbibed all this from just watching him sit there...) He didn't talk a lot between takes, but he also wasn't "Don't approach me!" in his manner - a real pro, in other words. In short, he seemed just like the Joker SHOULD seem.

I'm not going to say anything else, because I've exhausted any thoughts and opinions on the Joker. I'll just let the man's words speak for themselves.

Extra Tidbit: I said before that I've run out of Joker tidbits and that I'd start giving you guys my lunch from now on. Today: Penne salad with feta.
Source: Cinematical



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