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The Killing actor Joel Kinnaman offered the lead in Robocop reboot


AMC's The Killing actor Joel Kinnaman has been extended the offer to take the cyborg mantle of ROBOCOP in director Jose Padilha's reboot of the franchise, which originally starred Peter Weller in the titular role.

Kinnaman made his first impression's with the AMC series and has most recently appeared in SNABBACASH and SAFE HOUSE, both from director Daniel Espinosa.  The ROBOCOP reboot has been a long gestating project, with Padilha finally securing the reins after Darren Aronofsky left. 

A while back, Padilha was quoted as saying:

"We need an American RoboCop, man. RoboCop is an American guy, his name is Alex Murphy." (Kinnaman has both Swedish and American citizenship)

Padilha's vision is a much more different one than Paul Verhoeven's, which entails a bigger focus on the transition of Alex Murphy into the machine that is Robocop.  More as this develops.

Extra Tidbit: Do we need another Robocop? You tell me.
Source: Deadline



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