The Killing of Lennon

When a film is titled THE KILLING OF JOHN LENNON, it's not getting overlooked, at least not by me. I came across the poster BELOW for a film with that exact title, and curious to see if it was a documentary or a fictionalization of the Beatle's tragic death, I headed over to the film's official website. Waiting for me was the movie's trailer and a slew of other info, including some reviews, all great.

The movie is an unusual account of the days leading up to the 1980 shooting outside Lennon's NYC apartment, following his killer Mark David Chapman as his inexplicable urge to kill Lennon consumes him. The movie is indeed a drama but a voiceover taken from Chapman's own notes paints over the the action, and we're given provocative glimpse into the mind of a madman. The film looks wholly original and you can check it out in limited release on the second day of 2008.

Extra Tidbit: Jared Leto fattened up to play Chapman as well in the upcoming CHAPTER 27.



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