The Lego Movie producer would love to do a Nintendo mash-up film

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Last year we learned that Nintendo might be interested in making movies again based on their video game properties, which is something the company hasn't tried since 1993's SUPER MARIO BROS., and you can't really blame them for being wary about doing another video game adaptation considering how the last attempt turned out.

But maybe they should give Roy Lee a call, since he has a pretty good idea for a Nintendo flick. While taking questions at a recent DICE panel, the Vertigo Entertainment president and THE LEGO MOVIE producer said he would like to do a Nintendo mash-up film after being asked about his dream movie project.

Mine would be Nintendo. I think Zelda, Mario, and the whole universe of characters would be perfect for a Lego Movie type of [film]. I don't have the rights to it, but I would love to. That would be my Holy Grail.

Yes, it would essentially be a big screen version of Super Smash Bros., however I think it could work with the right people involved. Are you game for a Nintendo film in the style of THE LEGO MOVIE or WRECK-IT RALPH?

Source: Game Informer



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