The Mist contest!

Frank Darabont's THE MIST was a welcomed breath of fresh air for all us genre fans. It was a pretty good adaptation that entertained us. The Arrow sure liked it. Well if you missed this bad boy in theaters (shame!) then worry no more, it's hitting DVD this Tuesday!

And here's your chance to win a free copy of the DVD and then some!

Mind you it's a bit more than entering your name and address and crossing your fingers. This ones actually pretty interesting. Here's how the contest reads:

You've already thought about what you would do in the situations presented in THE MIST in your own grocery store - probably long before you even heard of the movie. Using only items commonly available in a small supermarket, describe to us how you would best defend yourself and the store from the horrible monsters lurking in the mist outside.

Good deal! Seeing how I work in a grocery store, I've definately thought of the whole 'what if' thing, especially after seeing THE MIST. Now if you've done the same, or your mind is racing right now with ideas, then write up a plan of attack and send it out in hopes of winning some free DVDs!

Click any of the pics above to check out the official site for the contest, or just head over here. Along with winning THE MIST DVD the winner will also score 4 other of Stephen King's films. The contest is running between March 20 and March 31, so don't waste any time and ENTER NOW!

Source: Official site



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