The most terrifying poster of the year award goes to...

Yes, I thought I would keep you in suspense with my title, and if you've already scrolled down past my words to see the horror that is this latest YOGI BEAR poster, you have to agree I’m right.

Ever wonder what it looks like when bears take PCP and start having sex with each other? Well, now you know, and it’s an image I’m probably going to have a hard time scrubbing out of my brain. Oh come on, don’t act like I have a dirty mind, LOOK AT THAT THING. I feel like if I hung this in my child’s room, he’d be required to grow up and be a sex offender. At least Boo Boo is consenting. But that might be the PCP talking.

As for the actual movie, I just watched the trailer for the first time, and it’s very ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS-ish, and I have to wonder when the next live-action/animation hybrid kids movie is actually going to not want to make me gouge my eyes out.

Extra Tidbit: Thank you commenter Captain Planet for pointing out the exceptionally innuendo-laden tagline I missed. "Great things come in bears"? Oh COME ON!
Source: Warner Bros.



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