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The movie tie-in you've been waiting for is here: Jurassic World Barbasol



Every summer movie season brings the studio tentpole films and a bunch of movie tie-ins that don't really make any sense. Do you remember those Avengers razors? Speaking of shaving, we finally have the movie tie-in that makes sense. The one we crave. The one that'll have you saying, "What? No menthol?", every time you pick up the can. That's right, it's JURASSIC WORLD Barbasol shaving cream. Thank the dinosaur Gods.

I know that you're probably thinking, "Barbasol was so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn't stop to think if they should." I was actually reading up on the Barbasol model used in the original JURASSIC PARK, and evidently that's a little hard to come by. If Barbasol was serious about entering the tie-in game, they should have issued one exactly like that to placate fans' needs. I mean, having dinosaurs on my shaving cream cans is all well and good, but that would've been seriously cool. Then again, the idea of all these grown men shaving with dinosaurs on their Barbasol cans just tickles me. And yes, I'll be one of them.

Oh, I guess that JURASSIC WORLD movie is a thing too, which hits theaters on June 12, 2015.

jurassic-park-barbasolI'd buy it.

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