The movies of '07

Who else here is missing 2007 already? I don’t know about anyone else, but my 2008 has been a pile of shit so far. As soon as my high wore off at about 7am on January 1st, the rest has been muck. It’s still a good time thinking back on the year that was; the parties, the late night eats, the friends I crunked with. And let’s not forget about the movies. Most people agree that the two-thousand-and-seventh year after Jesus was born was a pretty good one for movies. Of course, that’s always easy to say at the end of the year when all the good ones come out. A fellow by the name of Matt Shapiro has put together a nice montage of some of the better films of the year and set to a song from the movie ONCE, which is featured in said montage. I liked this and hope you will too. Check it out below.

Extra Tidbit: Where the hell is ONE MISSED CALL in that clip?
Source: YouTube/Film



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