The Muppets strut their stuff in the first teaser poster

Usually when you see The Muppets on-screen they're either sitting or you see them from the waist up. There were the rare occasions in the movies when you'd see a full-bodied Muppet like when Kermit rides his bicycle in THE MUPPET MOVIE (a trick achieved using a marionette version of Kermit). But you can expect more of these type of moments in this November's THE MUPPETS, a fact Disney is introducing with the first teaser poster.

Jason Segel told USA Today, "Technology has changed. We're able to show them doing stuff they hadn't been able to do before. We're pretty proud of that." I can only hope that Segel isn't talking about CGI because if there are moments of CGI Muppets - and Segel is promising that the first time you see Kermit in the movie, he walks into frame - there will be an internet shit fit, I can promise you that.

This new poster, with a few Muppets walking towards the camera, freaks me out a little bit. Animal looks sort of normal for some reason but something about it seems weird. I think I need to see it in motion first. What do you think?

Source: USA Today



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