The new Resident Evil trailer features plenty of "3D shots"

I have no idea why Sony decided to lift the embargo on our RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE set visit on Easter Saturday of all days (tons of people online, great idea!), but they did and along with that, the film's new trailer (check it out below). It's to note that this is the 4th installment in the RESIDENT EVIL series and it features the very hot Milla Jovovich and the just-as-hot Ali Larter having a seeming blast with zombies all around. Oh and this time around, Milla's husband (and writer/director) Paul Anderson is back behind the camera. He directed part 1 of the series, but didn't return for part 2 and 3. Another new girl in the show this time around is Kacey Barnfield (in lingerie above) whom I know nothing about other than the fact that she's 1) British and 2) hot. Anyhoo, enough about me...check out the film's new trailer below! RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE opens wide on September 10th and will feature 3D. Yum-yum.

Extra Tidbit: Milla Jovovich was born in the Ukraine to a Serbian medical doctor father and a Russian actress mother.
Source: JoBlo.com



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