The new True Blood Season Five poster has some advice for you

True Blood banner

I love crying blood.  I don't love to cry blood, but rather I love it as imagery.  Tears are one of the most powerful and primal ways we can express the depth of what we feel, and tears turned to blood twist that fact.  They speak to a corruption in the soul of the character who is weeping, and are a powerful sight to behold.  Plus it just looks cool, especially when the blood is all ruby red as it is in the poster below.

True Blood season five poster

So what do you fans out there think? And while I rather hope nobody was weeping in anticipation for Season Five of  "True Blood," are you at least shivering in anticipation or have you cooled on the series by now?

Extra Tidbit: You better watch out, you better not cry, better not pout I'm tellin' you why: Tru-ue Blood is coming to town.
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