The next and probably not final Final Destination gets a director

The Reaper has been tracking lucky/doomed souls through a FINAL DESTINATION trilogy, then one last FINAL DESTINATION. But the Reaper never sleeps, and so the FINAL DESTINATION series continues.

The next FINAL DESTINATION (perhaps to be called THE NEXT FINAL DESTINATION?) now has a director, and since New Line wanted to duplicate the success of the last one ($180 million plus worldwide), they went after people with 3D experience. The studio has selected Steven Quale, who probably got the best hands-on 3D training one could ask for -- he was second unit director on AVATAR. Quale has worked with James Cameron since THE ABYSS.

The script for the fifth FINAL DESTINATION comes from Eric Heisserer, who recently worked on the prequel for THE THING. As with the other FD movies, we can count on this one to involve several interconnected humans who "cheat" Death, only to later be bisected, defenestrated, mashed, immolated or otherwise obliterated through a comical and gruesome Rube Golberg-esque series of mishaps.

Extra Tidbit: I wonder what Devon Sawa is up to? (Nah, not really.)
Source: Heat Vision



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