The NPH directing Emma Roberts and Josh Hutcherson in Aaron and Sarah

Neil Patrick Harris currently exists as one of the most talented individuals on the planet, with the ability to act, sing and dance flawless, but now he's adding even more to his resume.

He's set up to direct his first feature film, an indie drama called AARON AND SARAH, formerly titled BFF last we heard about it. It stars SCREAM 4's Emma Roberts and almost-Spider-Man Josh Hutcherson. The pair plays a popular girl and geek respectively, and the film focuses on their awkward high school relationship that eventual blooms into romance. Yeesh, can't believe I just wrote the phrase "blooms into romance."

NPH has helmed a RENT stage production and also one episode of his famed "How I Met Your Mother" or as it's known by most "How Barney Stimson is Awesome and the Rest of These People Don't Matter." Next time we'll see him will be in the HAROLD AND KUMAR Christmas movie, but I'm still praying for a Dr. Horrible sequel.

Extra Tidbit: Now go watch Dr. Horrible. You know you want to.
Source: THR



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