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The Observers demand you comply in this Fringe viral video


FRINGE will have the premiere episode of its final season hit the airwaves on September 28th, but The Observers are already warning us of what happens if we do not comply.

In this viral video, the leader of The Observers gives a breakdown of what happens if you violate their rule. They make it sound complicated, but the basic jist is that if you defy them you will get lobotomized. Check out the full cerebral scan protocol below.

FRINGE is one of my favorite shows, but I am not above saying that it has suffered from similar issues that plagued LOST. Both shows created a vast mythology for themselves that could not be resolved properly by the time the networks pulled the plug. FRINGE does have a final season to wrap up all the loose ends it has put out there for four seasons, but while The Observers have appeared since the pilot episode, this invasion plot seems a bit forced. I hope I am completely wrong and that this final batch of episodes blows everything that has come before it right out of the water. If not, we will still have a series that was both thrilling, scary, well acted, and vastly underappreciated.

Extra Tidbit: Which was better: FRINGE or THE X-FILES?
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