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The Raid's Gareth Evans to direct Breaking the Bank


Universal has picked up the rights to BREAKING THE BANK as a film for THE RAID's Gareth Evans to direct.

Before I go on, if you haven't seen THE RAID, do so. You'll be in for a nice little surprise.

If you have seen it, or even heard the buzz, then you know that it wouldn't be long before Evans got to take on something with a bigger budget. BREAKING THE BANK is based on the non-fiction book by Howard Sounes, Heist: The Inside Story of the World’s Biggest Robbery, and the Sports Illustrated article Breaking The Bank by L. Jon Wertheim.

BREAKING THE BANK, "is based on the life of former UFC fighter “Lightning” Lee Murray, a mixed martial arts street brawler who masterminded the largest cash heist in history in England in 2006."

In 2009, Darren Aronofsky was originally set to take on the project, but wound up moving on to other films.

Source: Deadline



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