The return of Conan?

A new CONAN movie has been in the works for some time with a number of people involved including the Wachowskis, John Milius and Robert Rodriguez but nothing was ever able to get off the ground. All that time cost Warner Bros. the rights to the film and now it looks like New Line is quickly moving to snatch up the property. Of course New Line is owned by the same company as Warner Bros. so really this means nothing to the corporate overlords at TimeWarner. But for us fanboys it does mean that a CONAN movie could finally be on its way to getting made. What we do know is that all those previous scripts that were written are getting tossed in the trash (as they're property of WB) and New Line would star completely new. So here are my questions I pose to you. A) Who would you want to star in a new CONAN film? and B) Who would you want to direct a new CONAN film?

Extra Tidbit: Conan's pal Red Sonja also has a new movie in the works.
Source: Variety



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