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The Revenant trailer


THE REVENANT has been building a heavy chorus of buzz following a number of different film festivals over the past few months, and now for the first time, we have a trailer to match with the plot description, which can only be described as SHAUN OF THE DEAD meets THE BOONDOCK SAINTS. There’s a phrase I never thought I’d write…

It’s a comedic look at the process of becoming a zombie, only in the film, the main character is a fully-functioning, walking and talking undead being. But still, he thirsts for brains, so his buddy devises a plan where he can feed on EVIL people, thus satiating his cravings and ridding the world of bad guys, via lots of machine guns and cannibalism. Do you see the SHAUN/BOONDOCK link now?

Watch the trailer, it’s an experience to say the least.

Extra Tidbit: Just thank God it's not another vampire movie...
Source: QuietEarth



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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