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The Revengers assemble in new THOR: RAGNAROK trailer


Naming super groups is hard. I mean, the Avengers got lucky when Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) went ahead and made the decision for them when recruiting them for his Avengers Initiative all those years ago. Some people don’t have the same knack for names though, and Thor (Chris Hemsworth) learns that all too well in the newest trailer for THOR: RAGNAROK. Sure, the Revengers rhymes with “Avengers”, but does it doesn’t have the same flair.

The new preview has shows some snippets of new stuff too, like The Grandmaster's (Jeff Goldblum) giant hologram, and Thor taking on a fire demon - and possibly not doing so hot. We still got the better part of two months left before the movie opens, but each new TV spot and trailer unveils new bits little by little. These are mostly comedic bits, which is totally fine considering this movie will be equal parts comedy to match the action.

THOR: RAGNAROK arrives November 3.

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