The Ring Chat Room

Hideo Nakata, director of RINGU and the wildly disappointing THE RING 2, has signed on to his second English language film. Nakata will direct CHATROOM, a thriller about teens and their destructive behavior on the web. Interestingly, CHATROOM is based on a play by Irishman Enda Walsh, which was far more of a character study on teens and their interpersonal relationships (or lack thereof) than a thriller. Now it's being sold as a cross between DISTURBIA and CUBE. CHATROOM will be Nakata's second English language film after RING 2 and his first original English language project. Nakata could be considered to be the forefather of the Americanized "J-horror" fad that was so popular a few years back. The director launched a number of popular horror franchises including DARK WATER and CHAOS, a US remake of which at one time was set to star Benicio Del Toro and Robert De Niro. Filming on CHATROOM is expected to begin this spring in the UK.

Extra Tidbit: Googling "chatroom" came up with an image for a gay porn titled "Bareback Chatroom Sluts"
Source: Variety



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