The Road director John Hillcoat's Red Dead Redemption videogame "film"

Director John Hillcoat knows his way around a Western -- check out his feature THE PROPOSITION as evidence. He also knows his way around a Western videogame, namely Rockstar's recently released time-sponge RED DEAD REDEMPTION.

The 30 minute short is a glimpse inside the life of partially reformed outlaw John Marston as he journeys through the vanishing American west seeking out his former brothers in arms, all in the name of justice. A varied cast of characters and morally ambiguous situations greet John at every turn, continuously testing his resolve and commitment. Playing out against the modernizing frontier and the emergence of the federal government, John’s story takes him everywhere from the American west to south of the border in Mexico.

Using only in-game assets and original camera work and editing, Hillcoat re-imagines the massive world of Red Dead Redemption and brings the story to a brand new audience.

(If you're still working your way through the game as I am, be warned -- the short film utilizes the story cutscenes from the game, so there could be spoilers.)

Extra Tidbit: Hillcoat has been circling another Western movie project, the pioneer revenge tale THE REVENANT with Christian Bale.
Source: Rockstar



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