The Road gets a date

If you were looking forward to seeing filthy futuristic Viggo Mortensen and his youngster traveling post-apocalyptic America, you were left with a hollow space where the adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's bleak novel THE ROAD was originally meant to be.

The movie was intended for release in November of 2008 (thereby making it viable for possible/likely Oscar contention), but the date got delayed due to lengthy post-production.

Rather than dump it during another inopportune time of year, Dimension/The Weinstein Co. (who have become synonymous with delayed/non-existent movie releases) are obviously hoping to keep it in the running for next year's awards. According to Bloody Disgusting, they're finally giving it a launch on October 16th of this year.

The movie involves The Vig and his son on a journey across the grim futuristic landscape, contending with gangs of scavengers, cannibals and generally unpleasant and unwashed people.

Extra Tidbit: Mortensen has recorded nine albums of his poetry/music, and performs on the RETURN OF THE KING soundtrack.
Source: BD



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