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The Rock and friends kick some ass in the trailer for G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation


I am pretty open about my stance of the first G.I. JOE film. I was not a fan. Then I was told to just take it as is and lighten up. This coming from my fiancé who understood that a movie about the Joes did not need a special frilly formula.

Now there's a sequel, which I feel like they just started on yesterday, that actually arouses my interest. Important elements here: The Rock and a tad bit of Bruce Willis. If you need a guy to come in and kick ass, you call Bruce Willis. He will do the job for you and do it well. Check out the action packed trailer below.

"The G.I. Joe team faces off against Zartan, his accomplices, and the world leaders he has under his influence."

Extra Tidbit: When can I get Damian Lewis as Frostbite?
Source: JoBlo.com



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