The Rock gets witchy

I'm not entirely sure what The Rock is cookin', but... it's smelling a little rank. Maybe it's just some bad 'shrooms, which would explain why he's planning to make yet another toothless (not to mention punchless and bulletless) movie. What a tragic waste of a perfectly good action star...

The Rock (now going by the more formal and less WWE moniker of Dwayne Johnson) will star in WITCH MOUNTAIN, which reunites him with Andy Fickman, the director of his rather painful-looking family football comedy THE GAME PLAN. The movie follows up Disney's 1975 kid-flick ESCAPE FROM WITCH MOUNTAIN, and will have Johnson as "a Las Vegas cab driver who picks up a pair of siblings with magical powers." Great, it's THE PACIFIER with hocus-pocus.

I'm not sheepish about confessing my manlove for The Rock, but he seems to be rolling down Disappointment Hill. Despite his inherent physicality, Johnson had purportedly expressed a desire to leave the action genre behind and apply his charisma to dramatic and comedic projects, and apparently he wasn't joking. What a pisser -- sure, WALKING TALL and DOOM were steamers, but THE RUNDOWN is one of the better action flicks of the past decade.

Alas, it looks like next year's GET SMART might be the closest he'll get to another action movie. Maybe he'll beat on some people in SOUTHLAND TALES, at least...
Extra Tidbit: Before appearing in THE MUMMY RETURNS, The Rock had a cameo on Bruce Campbell's series JACK OF ALL TRADES.
Source: Variety



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