The Rock learns about "too big to fail" in Ballers Season Two teaser

In the middle of Dwayne Johnson's busy-as-hell film schedule (he has like 247 projects on his dockets over the next four years), he manages to carve out time in order to shoot a new season of BALLERS. This summer will bring about Season Two as The rock and Rob Corddry get further into their partnership of a new firm looking to capitalize on the financial security and money management of athletes, hench the series' name. But it looks as if they're going to cross paths with someone they shouldn't make enemies with but probably will anyway - Andy Garcia. That may not be wise, considering Garcia's description as "too big to fail," which almost seems to telegraph that he's going to be brought down along the way. Right?

Season One of BALLERS had its share of entertainment value - think ENTOURAGE, but with sports stars. And it'll be interesting to see if they've found their groove moving forward into the sophomore season not that most of the establishing has gotten out of the way. I only hope they find a foil to hate as good as Reggie this time around... You've got big shoes to fill, Andy Garcia.

Source: HBO



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