The Simpsons ride!

It is not surprising to see that one of the most successful television shows ever produced would be brought to life in some way at an amusement park. And if you’ve been to Universal Studios lately, you’ll know that there is a whole lot of Simpsons love going on. If you wait in line, you can have you or your loved ones pose with Homer, Bart, Marge and Lisa for pictures… I don’t think Maggie is part of that deal. And all this has been leading up to what is called “The year of the ride” at the Universal Studios Theme Park. And this past Saturday, May 17th to be exact, a few lucky individuals got the chance to see what all the excitement was about when The Simpsons Ride was unveiled.

It was a big old celebration that brought out a few celebrities including the lovely Holly Robinson Peete, the always awesome Kevin Smith and the post-Friend, Lisa Kudrow. But the real stars of the show, aside from the animated family themselves, were the shows creator Matt Groening, the man who made it happen, James L. Brooks and the thespian who brought Sideshow Bob to life, Kelsey Grammer. It was such a big celebration that even the human cannonball got a nice blast off. It was fun times for all as this lucky group of individuals, myself and my own family included, all gathered to be some of the first to ride the latest attraction.

As many of you know, they recently shut down the long standing Back to the Future ride in order to bring the animated, dysfunctional family to life. And I personally loved that attraction. It was a blast chasing around that Biff guy in a 8-passenger Delorean. I was sad to see it go. But after going off to Krustyland and getting a sneak peek at Krusty the Clown’s amusement park, I am happy to say that it is an improvement over Marty McFly’s invention. In terms of the ride itself, which thanks to some updated technology, this is even more fun than heading out into the future (or past). Hell, it’s not everyday that one gets used as a pacifier thanks to Maggie.

Like most rides, you have to spend a whole lot of time waiting in line. In fact, right as you are about to get into the simulated roller coaster, Krusty let’s you know via monitor that there is still a forty-five minute wait, he then adds a ‘just kidding’ before the crowd gets in an uproar. But that is the beauty of The Simpsons Ride. From Itchy and Scratchy doing safety rules, to the fun of chasing the entire Simpsons clan along on a coaster that is being demolished… while you are on it. This is imaginative stuff and frankly, the videos and the storyline for the ride (including a gigantic Maggie) is probably more entertaining than many of the actual episodes as of late. The jokes here are really funny, even as you are hurtling down “Death Drop” thanks to the lovable, yet always hungry aliens, Kang and Kodos.

A shot from the Simpsons Ride video

Yes, I feel a bit nostalgic now when I think of Back to the Future and going back into the Ice Age. But thanks to The Simpsons, there is a new and exciting way to partake in the antics of Homer and crew. I loved the ride, as did my family, and as did most everyone I spoke to afterwards. Yeah, the lines are going to be crazy for awhile, but I’m guessing this will be around for a long time… possibly longer than the never-ending series itself. So next time you head on down to Universal Studios, I highly recommend this latest offering of fun. Good times will be had by all, and if you want to have some fun, make sure you keep repeating to whoever you are with, ‘Are we there yet? Are we there yet?…’ and see how long it takes to annoy those around you. As I said, fun times will be had by all. And of course, thank you Universal for inviting JoBlo along for the ride.

What is your favorite “Simpsons” episode? Are you a Treehouse of Horror fan? Strike Back below and share your favorite Simpsons memory.

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