The Spider-Man musical gets delayed again while the show retools

Howdy True Believers! It's time for your monthly "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" delay! Broadway producers have decided to once again delay the premiere of the "Spider-Man" musical, which was scheduled to open on January 11th. After less-than-stellar reviews out of their preview performances, the creative team has decided to go back to the drawing board and will rewrite part of Act II and integrate more music from Bono and The Edge.

A new opening date hasn't been announced yet but it will reportedly be some time in February. Among the changes expected are to the show's final act and script changes to the second act, where the story most heavily deviates from the comic book. Bono and The Edge are expected to rejoin the production full-time later this month after U2 wraps a number of planned concert dates.

It's beginning to seem to me that those people who were "lucky" enough to see one of the preview performances may be of a limited group as the constant delays make me wonder if the show will ever open. While it may seem silly to shut down the production after all the money that has been spent so far, all it needs is one more high-profile snafu (i.e., another cast member getting injured) and I could see producers pulling the plug and cutting their losses.

Extra Tidbit: Would you play the $75+ price to see this show? Believe it or not, I actually would...
Source: New York Times



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