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The Spirit pics

Apr. 11, 2008by: James Thoo

A wise man once complained about how some directors keep making the same shitty movie over and over again. And while that could easily be bad, it could easily be good too, since even though THE SPIRIT looks a lot like SIN CITY, I'm all for it. Lionsgate sent us a couple of new pictures from the film, which you can check out in this article (click to enlarge). You'll notice that unlike the previous pictures we saw, Sam Jackson's character no longer looks like a canned sweetcorn mascot. Although if that's a good or a bad thing is still up for debate. THE SPIRIT stars Gabriel Macht (A LOVE SONG FOR BOBBY LONG) as the rookie cop who returns from the beyond to fight crime. Sam Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, Paz Vega, Eva Mendes, and Jaime King all co-star.

Extra Tidbit: Director Frank Miller created the character Elektra, that Jennifer Garner played in the movie of the same name.
Source: Lionsgate


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Latest Movie News Headlines

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